Anjali Patel

writer & software engineer

2021 Awards Eligibility

I had four short stories published in 2021 that are eligible for awards. This is also my first year of eligibility for an Astounding Award.

"Bright Lights Flying Beneath The Ocean" — Escape Pod (October 2021, 1570 words)

“I know you are still alive. I am haunted by the fact that I am fine and you might not be.”

After the US closes its borders and cuts off contact with the rest of the world, an expat living in Ghana uses physics and fiber optic cables to search for her missing sister. Reviewed by Alex Brown in Tor, Maria Haskins in Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Short Fiction Roundup, and Charles Payseur in Quick Sip Reviews.

"Our Bones Were The Mortar" - khōréō (May 2021, 1500 words)

“I grew up the daughter of necromancers and undertakers, well acquainted with unmoored spirits.”

A necromancer arrives in New York and discovers Manhattan’s foundation is built on the souls and bones of her African ancestors. Reviewed by Alex Brown in Tor and Charles Payseur in Quick Sip Reviews.

"Monologue of a Wishing Well" — Translunar Traveler's Lounge (August 2021, 751 words)

“You mortals always elevate what you cannot understand, casting the distant and mysterious as beings worthy of fear or desire.”

A disgruntled wishing well tries to give dating advice despite being heartsore over their breakup with a star. Reviewed by Charles Payseur in Quick Sip Reviews.

"Ember" — Flash Fiction Online (July 2021, 968 words)

“He walked into my life like a character from a storybook: potent and reflective as a mirror.”

A story of magic and ice carnivals and unbridled rage.