Anjali Patel

writer & software engineer

  1. Our Bones Were The Mortar

    The first thing I do after I wake up is walk Romeo, and then I come home and write. Sometimes as we walk, I imagine myself moving through the story I’m focused on from the main character’s point of view. I ask myself: What are they seeing, smelling, hearing? What are they feeling? [... read more]

  2. new job, new story, new website

    A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Including but not limiting to: [... read more]

  3. this is what's happening (feat goals and romeo's birthday)

    It’s 2021! I hope you all had a restful holiday and have reasons to look forward to the year ahead. This year I am choosing to acknowledge Time and the fictional markers we assign to our passage through it because, well...a fresh start does sound nice. So I created some yearly goals for once. Here are two of them: [... read more]

  4. a fresh start and oh look i'm a social media vegan now

    Yes! I am trying to get this off the ground again! I’ve mentioned it before, but the thing that always gets in the way of me committing to any type of blog/newsletter/etc. is knowing when to declare a post finished. When left to my own devices, I tinker endlessly. So I am imposing restrictions on myself: [... read more]